Annual General Meeting 26 oktober in Reykjavík

Annual General Meeting 26 oktober in Reykjavík

Annual General Meeting  of SPIS will be held on 26 October 2016 at 15.00. 

The Board suggest the following motion to The Statutes. 

  •        A motion to change the fiscal year of SPIS to 1 April to 31 March going forward. 

  •        A motion to grant to the Chairman of SPIS the authority to take decisions regarding matters of common interest to all bi-lateral chambers, without the prior consent of the Board.

Language:  Icelandic or english
Adresse: Borgartún 35, 105 Reykjavík

After the formal proceedings of the AGM, all friends of the SPIS are invited to a presentation from Guðný Káradóttir, Director, Food - fisheries & agriculture from Promote Iceland. Guðný will present the marketing campaign and projects that are ongoing in South-Europe with salted Cod.


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